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Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1.4.2

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This release of Boostmyshop finalizes compatibility with Amazon (including Amazon India), improves the orders page with visual representations of sales performance, updates the sales channel center with status and disconnect options, and tracks business events for deeper analysis of user journeys and conversions. The overall goal is to improve efficiency and user-friendliness for Boostmyshop users.

Amazon Compatibility


This release finalizes compatibility with Amazon, allowing Boostmyshop users to seamlessly integrate with the e-commerce platform. Additionally, Amazon India has been added, providing access to a new market of potential users.

This will enable Boostmyshop users to expand their sales and reach new customers in India.

Improved Orders Page and Sales Channel Center


The release includes improvements to the orders page, with the addition of visual representations of order volume, turnover, and profits. This will provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of their sales performance, and help them make data-driven decisions. The sales channel center has also been updated, now displaying the status of each channel and providing users with the option to disconnect channels autonomously from the application. This will give users more control over their sales channels, and help them optimize their sales efforts. Overall, this release is focused on providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for Boostmyshop users by improving the compatibility with Amazon, and providing more detailed sales tracking and analysis capabilitie