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myPricing V3.1.6

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This release brings the latest features added to our SAAS product. The objective is to offer a complete customer journey where the you can perform all actions in autonomy and in full understanding of the application environment. This includes the management of the subscription, the account, the onBoarding and all the necessary configurations for you to be a live user on the application.

Compatibility with Google Shopping


Boostmyshop myPricing now supports integration with Google shopping. You can connect your Google shopping accounts and can sync your product catalog with the Boostmyshop myPricing.

The synchronization includes the import of the purchase price and logistic data that would have been entered in the customer's Google Merchant Center. If you have this data in your account, you can directly set up a cost-based strategy in a few minutes without any additional connection or import from an external data source.

Matching status


Product matching is done via Robots(crawler) that will find the product in the net. This step is currently a bit complex and time-consuming. The status of the matching has a display in our interface. Incase of a mismatch or no match the products can be manually matched which is a soon to be added feature.

Credits and Usage

Credits is a new concept introduced in Boostmyshop myPricing. You will be bestowed with a credit limit(62 000, 775 000, 155 0000) according to your plan. Spending a credit will fetch you the competitive data of a product in the marketplace. If you wish to fetch competitive data for 20 products you will have to spend 20 credits.

There is no cap on spending the credits per day. But once the credit is spent you will have to wait for the credit reimbursement on the next billing date. Irrespective of plan you have subscribed, you are guaranteed to have updated market data at least once a day. This market data retrieval will not consume any available credits from your account.

You can determine the desired level of performance on different sales channels. This performance level (Low: 1 time per day to High: 288x) will determine the frequency at which the tool will update its market data.

The user is not limited by his number of credits to define the desired performance. He can define the maximum performance with the potential consequence, if his number of available credits does not allow it, of seeing his competitive data recovery limited during the month.

When the user has consumed all his available credits for the current month, his account goes to "limited" performance and his market information retrievals will be limited to retrieving market data once a day.

When the user has consumed all his available credits for the current month, his account goes to "limited" performance and his market information retrievals will be limited to retrieving market data once a day.

Tracking usage and subscription status


A widget in the navigation allows the user to be informed of the status of their account quotas. Email alerts and inApp notifications will be added soon to inform users of potential adjustments to be made.

Sales channel performance configuration and tracking


A configuration tool is now available to allow users to define their performance levels on all their sales channels. A lot of UX work has been done to make this configuration understandable and especially to give projection information on the estimated consumption depending on the configuration made. We thus inform the user if his credit allows him to finish the current month with the selected performance level.

Customer Account


The customer account section is now updated with subscription management and the possibility for the user to act autonomously :

  • Upgrade or downgrade plan
  • Registration, deletion, update of payment methods
  • Invoices and credit notes
  • Validation of trial with the addition of the payment method

As a reminder, the user can already in this section :

  • Manage his user profile
  • Manage the company's contact information and tax number
  • Change his password
  • Manage and invite users