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Boostmyshop v3.9

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Exciting update! Unleash the power of Boostmyshop V3.9, empowering you to effortlessly monitor competitors. Introducing two new paid plans – One Week and One Month myMarket plans. Enjoy a seamless and adaptable data upload experience, customize the frequency of catalogue imports, make price adjustments based on competitor availability, initiate market monitoring on your product catalogue through flexible methods, and introduce promotional prices to capture user attention and enhance sales. Elevate your business strategy today with Boostmyshop!

New Features

Exciting News: Boostmyshop myMarket now offers a Freemium version!


In this latest release, users can enjoy enhanced market monitoring features with our latest update. Experience market insights for the first 1000 products in your catalogue on one sales channel of your choice, with competitor data updated every 7 days for free.

Fuel your business expansion with Boostmyshop's tailored plans!


myMarket Paid Plans

Choose from our one-week or one-month myMarket paid plans to elevate your competitor monitoring experience. One-Week Plan: Monitor your competitors for a week on a sales channel of your choice (excluding premium channels) for the first 2000 products in your catalogue. One-Month myMarket Plan: Enjoy fresh competitor monitoring data for a single catalogue on two sales channels (including premium channels) for a whole month. Tailor the number of products for market monitoring, and benefit from our AI agent for quick insights into your competitors.

Key Features

Track your market rank and score in the selected sales channel. Visualize price distribution with lower, same, and higher prices than your products. Access insights like price difference, competitor's score, price evolution, and winning percentage of all competitors in the current sales channel. Graphs illustrating your position between competitors, best price evolution, and distribution of sellers in the connected sales channel.

Boostmyshop Subscription Plans


Our subscription plan grant you access to all Boostmyshop products, including

myOrders: for seamless order management, real-time tracking, and issue detection. myMarket: Real-time competitor monitoring, strategic insights, and global reach. myPricing: Dynamic pricing, competitor analysis, and enhanced sales optimization. Boostmyshop Assistant: Access valuable insights, refine pricing strategies, and elevate your business performance—all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Additional Benefits

  • Customize the number of catalogues and products across all Boostmyshop products.
  • Monitor your selected catalogues on an unlimited number of sales channels.
  • Receive dedicated support from our customer service team for all your queries. Choose Boostmyshop for a comprehensive suite of tools and unwavering support in optimising your eCommerce journey.

Settings → Applications → File data enrichment → Add integration → Select mode We have implemented advanced features for file uploads through URL and FTP links. Users now have the option to select the desired file format (CSV, JSON, or XML) and indicate whether the file contains column headers when utilising URL and FTP link methods. This improvement streamlines the data upload procedure, offering greater flexibility. In FTP links, we've introduced new settings for passive and secure modes, providing users with greater control and fortifying security measures.

Seamless Competitor Monitoring with Boostmyshop!


MyAccount → Sales Channel tab → Import File Monitoring your competitors is now hassle-free with Boostmyshop. Forget the need to connect with marketplaces – we've streamlined the process for you. Just upload your product catalogue directly on our platform and choose the marketplaces where you want to track your competitors. It's that simple and straightforward.

Internal Time Sync: Take control of your data import on Boostmyshop!


Settings → Applications → Connected applications → Settings → Time of Imports → Save

Sync Boostmyshop with Your Catalogue Generation: Choose Data Import Timings. Ensure worry-free, up-to-date data on our platform as we align our processes with yours

Solo Seller Special: Explore Competitor-Free Pricing Now!


myPricing → Select preferred product → Price optimization → Switch your strategy mode We've introduced a new feature called Competitor-Free Pricing, available in both reference and cost strategy. This feature empowers users to establish a unique pricing for their product in the absence of competitors within the market, offering them the flexibility to devise distinct pricing strategies as the exclusive seller for the product.

Maximize Visibility: Highlight Special Deals with Our New Strikethrough Price Feature!


Great news! We've introduced a fantastic feature to highlight your special deals and discounts. You can now upload a file with your max retail prices, or choose the maximum price set on BMS to be displayed as the strikethrough price. This means your customers will see the incredible value you're offering as your current price, creating a sense of urgency and excitement. It's a fantastic way to grab their attention and boost your sales. Give it a try and make your promotions stand out!

New Sales Channels available


Introducing additional sales channels on Boostmyshop to broaden your reach. Now, seamlessly connect with Idealo, Coppel, Distriartisan, Tradeinn, Maisons Du Monde, MediaMarkt, Vente-unique, and Liverpool.

Bug Fix


Issue : In the chatbot, users previously faced an issue where navigating to another tab within our application would automatically reset the chatbot.

Fixed : Users can now seamlessly use the chatbot while navigating within our application without experiencing any resets.

Sales Channel

Issue : Previously, when searching for a ' specific channel ' in the search bar, results included not only specific channel but also other sales channels.

Fixed : We have enhanced the search functionality, and now, when you search for a specific channel, for example Amazon, you will only receive improved and relevant results related to Amazon.