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    Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1.3 post image

    This new release of Boostmyshop brings global competitive intelligence to users, allowing them to view price information for their products outside of the connected marketplace,...
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    Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1.2post image

    This release has new version of customer account management service, Boostmyshop GatewayV3. This new service is intended to streamline the process of managing customer accounts and provide a more efficient experience for users,...
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    Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1.1post image

    The new release of myPricing V3.1.1 brings reporting functionality to the application, allowing users to generate and download reports on their products and competitors. This functionality was previously only available through a separate product,...
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    Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1.0post image

    Boostmyshop myPricing (V1) has released a new set of features to support market benchmarking and repricing strategies, including a margin strategy feature, product data enrichment through the interface and file imports, and the ability to edit pricing strategies for individual products,...
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    Boostmyshop myPricing V3.1post image

    This release of myPricing focuses on improving the user experience by providing more information about the application and users configuration, as well as offering contextualized help and support through a chat feature. The release also includes a new interface for importing external data sources to enhance product data,...